Bad Bride

8 11 2009


Hey! Remember me? I’m that jerk blogger that got overwhelmed and then swept up into the last month and a half of wedding preparations. Hate me if you must… but I have returned with a cleared head and I’m ready to serve up some hot dishes of Laura’s wedding goodness just for you guys… my favorite peoples ever!! Plus, as an added bonus, I’ve already got my pro pics because my photographer is a super hero, so my recaps will be graced with lots of lovely professional photo action for your viewing pleasure!

I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me! Life happens and unfortunately mine started to happen when lots of stuffs were going down wedding wise so I’ve got lots to recap for you lovlies!!

Be back later today!


PS: Image credit to the stellar allison davis photography!


When I Get My Life Back…

26 08 2009


Have you ever felt like the above picture when wedding planning? πŸ™‚

Have you started any comments with this statement:”When I get my life back after the wedding I will… “

Wedding planning can be very tough and take a toll on your lifestyle to say the least. Like as soon as you get home from a long day at work and all you want to do is plop on the sofa and fall asleep but you can’t because you’re up to your ears in wedding stationary, people are calling you asking about this and that wedding related event, including a call to tell you the directions on your shower invitation are wrong and you start to get super overwhelmed… that’s where I am right now.

My fiancee has been super supportive and understanding that our cute new apartment is messy. My bridesmaids have been offering to help me with things, my FMIL has been offering. I am truly lucky that I have so many people surrounding me with their love and extending their help during such a busy time!

Yes, I miss my hobbies… I miss cooking and cuddling up with the boy on the couch without a worry in the world… I miss a lot of things that I’m missing out on right now because of the wedding, but I wouldn’t give up this time for the world because it’s taught me something very important: I am loved. I don’t think I realized how much so and by how many people until I started planning this shindig, and I’m so glad I realize this now. So there is something positive to be found even on the most stressful of wedding planning days.

What have you learned from your wedding planning? Do you have anything that you’re eager to get back to? What have your family and friends done to make you smile when you’re stressing about the wedding?


21 08 2009

My search for the perfect bridesmaid dress is a prime example for over thinking! When I first started looking, I set guidelines: they had to be teal, tea length, we had to be able to see them in person since teal is such a different color, the bridesmaids needed to love them (I was going to let them pick them out), and they had to be affordable!

In a time of a poorly fairing economy; as well as a time with bridesmaids being laid off, college students, getting married, etc… I just couldn’t bear to ask them to pay over $80 for a dress!

Being the researcher I am, I set out on an internet exploration of all that would be wedding worthy! I have to be honest… within my price range, and within stores we could go to in person, there was a lot to be desired as far as teal dresses go! As far as something online goes, there were options, including this beauty from the rose dress.

CD070pic1However, I just didn’t feel comfortable ordering something off of the internet, and risking they not all being the same color, not fitting, having bad fabric… lots of negativity was going through my head about ordering online. I just wasn’t that brave! Being a plus sized girl myself, I know how hard it is to find something that fits right. Regardless if the website says it will fit in its measurement chart or not… sometimes they just don’t fit right! I wasn’t about to put my lovely bridesmaids through that!

My next thought was to enlist the help of my awesome aunt who has some major sewing machine wielding skills… This would have totally been an option but she lives pretty far from my bridesmaids, making fittings tough, therefore we didn’t take that route. While pondering this option, I did find some beautiful, classy dress patters at the craft store, though! Something I loved about the patterns was that most of them have several different options for the dresses, so I could still have that matched, but mismatched look for the BMs that I love! Maybe this could be an option for someone else! If you catch the right sale, you could get bridesmaid dresses for under $20 a piece! Aren’t these delicious?!

After these ideas didn’t pan out, I decided to tweak my guidelines a bit. I had seen some gorgeous black bridesmaid dresses, and I love the idea of them being able to actually use the dress again, so I told the girls to go get a cocktail dress, knee/tea length and black were my only rules, oh, and not to let the boobs hang out too much since you know… this is a classy event, and all. πŸ™‚

*enter waiting and non-response here*

Apparently the open ended option wasn’t working for the bridesmaids because I didn’t hear from them after I gave this option and when I called them, they all said, “Well, just let me know what you want me to wear!” or “Pick a dress for me and I’ll wear whatever you want!” Soooo… back to square one.

I hopped online again, how hard could it be to find a LBD? I was actually kind of excited since I knew I would have a lot more options. This time I was looking for a cute black number for my main ladies, and I struck GOLD!! Black gold that is… πŸ˜€ Having 2 bridesmaids who are plus size, and two bridesmaids who wear a L/XL, I looked at the Lane Bryant website and I found a beautiful, simple, affordable, perfect dress!

BMDressWho wouldn’t be able to wear this again? I almost want one myself. lol

So after visiting the dress in person, and confirming the quality, I sent off the info to all the BMs. They each purchased their dress and the bridesmaid dress search was complete! Why didn’t I just think of getting a LBD for a bridesmaid dress before!? Part two – Bringing It All Together, coming soon to a blog near you!

Have you had any details that you were over thinking?

Ring Pillow Inspiration!

17 08 2009

One beautiful thing about the interweb is all of the awesome inspiration that you can get for practically anything you can dream up! On the menu for today? Ring pillows!

While this is the norm:

Ring-Pearl-HeartThere are just too many tasty options out there for me to go this route!

Exhibit A:

Check out these gorgeous pillows from oromono.


Exhibit B:

These are from Llubav

1fd30ee835590cExhibit C:

Here are some others from etsy that are just to die for!

I’m pretty sure I’m going to DIY my ring pillow, so I’m so glad that I have all of these great ideas to inspire me!

What cool ring pillows have you seen around the webs? πŸ™‚


13 08 2009

Okay so better late than never, right? We picked our our photographer back in like… December or January, and I believe we did our engagement shoot in January or February. I’m just now blogging about her, but that’s okay! I’m actually thrilled to write about our A-MAZING photographer, Allison Davis.

I started out my search for our photographer with low expectations… (great start to this story, huh?!) We are on a tight budget and all of those photographers that I drool over on all of the wedding blogs were all WAAAY out of our price range. I knew finding a photographer worth a snuff would be some HARD WORK and the people I was finding in our $1500-$2,300 range (almost 1/4 of our budget!) were, how do I say this… AWFUL. I mean cheesy craigslist photographer galore. It just didn’t get much worse. There didn’t seem to be any middle ground.

I felt like there was no way that within our budget, we would be getting pictures like these that I had been swooning over in all of my wedding ‘net surfing.


I am such a visual person, and Russell and I agreed we didn’t want the overly posed, glamor shots, overly ‘wedding magazine’ish type photos. We wanted fresh, only posed when they need to be, photo-journalistic, sweet, cool but not too trendy photos.


… only our expectations were blown. away.

Not only are her photos incredible.. but her prices actually fit into our budget. We are getting more than I ever dreamed of for our photography and I feel so lucky that we are going to get to have such a talented artist capturing the memories of our big day. I can’t wait!

Here are a couple of our engagement pictures.


Each and every one of the gorgeous photos in this entry are credit to Allison Davis.

Picking a wedding day in Texas… or anywhere for that matter. :)

8 08 2009


Around the web I see different ladies asking for tips on how to pick your wedding day, so I thought I would post some thoughts to help a sista or two out!


Get or print out a calendar that you can write on. This will make it easier to knock out days on the calendar that aren’t good forΒ  you.


Decide what day of the week you would like your wedding on, Saturday is the most common day to have a wedding, because it is super convenient for your guests, wedding party, and it’s just a good day in general to have a wedding! But, you can save some major bucks by having your wedding on a day other than Saturday. A Friday night or Sunday afternoon wedding can be just as nice as a Saturday wedding! You might check with your venue if you’re interested in that! Also, especially if you’re having a intimate affair, week nights may not be out either, saving you even more money. These are some good things to keep in mind.


Outdoor_Wedding_Chairs_2816pxOnce you’ve narrowed down a day of the week to get married on, you can start narrowing down even more to picking your special day. Things to consider here… the month or season you would like to get married in… have you pictured an outdoor wedding? If so maybe a month where it’s cold or overly warm, isn’t a good idea to get married in! The fall and spring are the best for outdoor events unless you live in a cooler area. In Texas, it can easily be 106 degrees outside in April – September, so you need to consider how the weather is in your town if you want your wedding to be outdoors.

You should consider birthdays of your immediate family members, getting married on Mom’s birthday might complicate things. But, on the other hand if you are trying to plan around aunt, uncles and cousin’s birthdays things might get complicated as well, especially with big families, so I would keep the off limit birthdays to parents and siblings only.

blockforbrideHave a group who loves sports? You might cross off major sporting event dates on your calendar! My group loves football, so since I actually *want* guests at my wedding, I crossed off the weekend of the major rivalry college football game in the month that we want to get married in. You don’t want people sneaking peeks at the score on their phones during your ceremony, so you might want to think about that!

4th_julyWhy not choose a special day to you and your groom? There are other nice days to get married besides your anniversary! Maybe the day you guys got engaged, first kissed, your first date, the day you realized he/she was the one… all of these are great days! I like the idea of 3 day weekend wedding or even one on a holiday itself, but remember that this may reduce the number of people who can attend your wedding due to people planning vacations for these days far in advance. (Maybe this would be good if you’re trying to cut your guest list down!) A 4th of July wedding could be lots of fun! What about valentines day? Some couples even marry on halloween! Other nice days could include a parent/grandparent’s anniversary, or even half way between your birthdays! There is no right answer, only the right day for you two!

Once all of these factors are considered, you should be able to narrow it down to your favorite 2 or 3, and then I would see if the day you have chosen is available with your venue. This is really important, because it’s super hard to already have a date picked and trying to pick your venue based on your date. It’s good to already have a venue in mind and pitch your date to them. Just be flexible, no matter what happens, or what day you choose, this day will be special to you for the rest of your lives. ❀

DIY – The Photoline!

3 08 2009

Hola everybody!

I knocked out another DIY project yesterday and I thought I would share with you guys, what I’m calling my Photoline!

You may remember this picture from my inspiration board:


I wanted to see what I could do to create something like this that I could put inside, maybe by the guestbook instead of a bunch of picture frames, and then we’re also going to have a digital photo frame doing a slideshow of pictures of us through our lives/relationship.

This was kind of challenging to me because I had to come up with something that could hold the poles up and would be appropriate for being inside… how far apart to make them, if it would still look good if it was much smaller than the one in the inspiration pic, etc.

This is what I came up with:

Here are the supplies:

2 Flowerpots

Floral foam (enough to fill up your flowerpots)

*not pictured* something heavy, rocks(?) to go in the bottom of your flowerpot for stability

craft paint/acrylic paint/whatever you have around

foam brushes/paint brushes

glue gun / glue sticks


saw / knife (Must be strong enough to cut the wooden dowel)

1 wooden dowel cut/sawed into 2 pieces, mine was 48″ tall, so when cut in half, they are 2 ft tall each. The one I used had a 7/16″ diameter

sandpaper for sanding down rough edge that was cut on the dowel so that it will stand flat


small silk flowers

2 wooden buttons (I used 1/2″ diameter ones)





1. Plug in glue gun with a glue stick in it, and make sure you have a piece of paper or something under the tip so you don’t get glue on anything.

2. If not already done so, cut dowel into two 2 foot pieces (1 for each flower pot), and use your sandpaper to smooth the rough edge down from where it was cut so that it will stand up flat in the flower pot. If this is not done, your dowel could lean. Also, wrap the sandpaper around the dowel, and then grab the dowel where the sand paper is and run the sand paper up and down the dowel a couple times to smooth the dowel and ensure smooth painting.Rub off any wood dust created from this step.

3. Put rocks/other heavy substance in bottom third of flower pot. (Important, this will create stability!) Then put your foam on top of the rocks up to about a centimeter from the top of the pot. You may have to cut your foam for it to fit into the pots, a kitchen knife or the saw will work well for this. If there are any big gaps between the foam and the wall of the pot, you can fill them with pieces you trimmed off of the foam. The foam doesn’t have to be perfect since you’re putting moss on it later.

4. Put a dowel through the middle of the foam and push it to the bottom of your pot, making sure the dowel is as straight as possible, mine wasn’t 100% straight at first, and I used foam shavings to compensate for the angle it was leaning at and that fixed it perfectly. Use your glue gun and put glue around the perimiter of the foam to keep it from slipping out of the pot, put glue at the base of the dowel as well.

5. Glue a wood button to the top of the dowel, push it down to make it sit as flat as possible. Paint your pot and dowel with one coat of paint, making sure to get the inside rim of the pot as well. You don’t have to paint the bottom of the pot if you don’t want to. Set aside to let the paint dry and follow steps 1-5 to create your other pot/dowel contraption. Once done painting the second pot/dowel, put a second coat on the first, and once done with that go ahead and put a second coat on the second pot/dowel.

6. Go back to the first pot (that should be dry at this point from the second coat of paint.) And put a good coat of hot glue over about 1/2 of the top of the foam. Put moss over the glue, and repeat glue/mossing for the second side of the pot. If you missed a spot, just put a spot of glue and a small piece of moss where you missed. Use your scissors to shape the moss as you like, mine was a little lumpy, so I trimmed the moss down so it was even across the top of the pot. Cut the heads off of some of your small flowers, leaving about 1/8″ of stem and stick them into the moss as much as you like. Repeat step 6 for second pot, and tie ribbons around each pot. I used some double sided tape to keep the ribbon where I wanted it.

7. Measure out 1 or two pieces of twine so when tied onto the dowels, they’re as far apart as you want them to be. Mine twine was 43 inches long and I had two pieces of it. Tie the twine tight into a knot around your dowel in the spot you would like it, and then find the corresponding spot on your other dowel to tie the other end of twine to creating your clothesline. Trim off any tails from the twine so you don’t have excess showing, if you mess up with the twine you can cut it off and do another one.Β  Repeat for your second line if you’re having one.Β  Tie bows of ribbon if desired at the top of each dowel. *note* Make sure if you’re having more than one line, that one isn’t tighter than another or it could make it easy for your pots to fall over!

8. Attach pictures using small clothespins or paperclips, and make sure they are evenly dispersed across your clothesline. Clean up any mess you made, have some cookies and enjoy your handiwork!

Yay! The photoline is finished!

Cost breakdown:

Pots – $1.50

Wood buttons – a bag of 18 for $1.00… and I used two.

Dowel – $0.84

Foam – $3.00

Glue $0.20 worth of glue sticks

Flowers – $1.50 with left overs

Paint – On hand – Free! (You can get the kind I used for under $1, and the foam brushes cost about a quarter)

Ribbon – On hand… I used about 1 1/2 feet of the small ribbon and about a yard of the bigger ribbon… so probably about $2.00 worth of ribbon.

Rocks – Free from outside (You can get a bag of vase filler rocks from dollar tree)

Sand Paper – $1.50 with leftover

Twine – $2.00 with lots leftover

So depending on what you have on hand… you could pull this off for about $13.00. Not bad for something super cute!!

See you guys next time!!