18 04 2009

I thought it would be nice to tell you about my ring mini ring saga.

Okay, so rewind to June/July of last summer. Russell and I go ring shopping at Robbins Bros. I find my dream ring. I love it. Nothing else in my mind compares. Happy. Yay. Wait… we got really really bad service and when we thought about it we didn’t want to give our money to some place that was way over priced, had pushy, rude, weird salesmen that shuffled us around when they found out we weren’t going to buy the ring then and there and we were just shopping. So… I set out to find that ring or something close somewhere else. No.Luck.At.All. Apparently the ring was made by Simon G exclusively for RB. They made it for other vendors too, but it was yellow gold and white gold and I hate yellow gold… so that was a no go. I searched high and low to find something else but my mind kept wandering off to that ring. So I gave up a little, we were probably going to have to get it at RB since I couldn’t find anything else. Then wait, Russell has a great idea! Why don’t we find our diamond, get a simple band, and then get a cool wedding band instead? GENIUS!

Time passes…. fast forward to November, the day after Turkey day. Russell and I were at the mall. Right where we entered, there was a jewelry store going out of business sale. 80% off. We find an awesome diamond on a simple white gold band that already fits me perfectly, the diamond is ideally cut, princess, almost flawless, colorless, and to me… absolutely perfect. We do a lap around the mall to think* about it.

*Think – translation, Russell calls bank to shuffle around money at bank since this was unexpected, and Laura squeals in excitement and threatens Russell with pouting if he passes on this awesome deal… yeah, I know, I’m bad.

We go back, get the ring for less than $2K. (Thank you, 80% off sale!) I get a $10K diamond that would have been 2.5x our budget, and end up getting something that was half our original budget! YAY!

He proposed after a romantic dinner a few days later, I don’t think he could handle seeing me so excited that I could explode any longer, lol. Yeah… I’m low key like that. He was so sweet. He made it so personal, and us… I can’t wait to marry this man. 🙂

wbring1PS: Note the above DIY photgraphy! I put the ring on some of my art supplies, took a picture on the macro setting (the little flower symbol) on my camera. Then put one of the totally rad actions on it in photoshop that was blogged about by Ms. Lipgloss on weddingbee to make it look a little vintage and soft.

PSS: More ring blogging when we get our wedding bands! We’re going custom a la etsy!




2 responses

4 05 2009

nice pic!

4 05 2009

Why thank you! I think my fiancée did an amazing job. 🙂

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