DIY – “I DO” letters

28 04 2009

I Do Letters

Hello! Sorry it’s been a little bit since I last blogged. I’ve been fighting off an allergic reaction grouped with a lovely case of hives from something I ate last week, and the medicine knocks me out so I haven’t been up to blogging!

Today I would like to share a ridiculously cheap and easy DIY project of I DO letters. I actually wasn’t planning on doing these but I came across the letters at Michael’s and they were so cheap, I grabbed them up and took them home.



I DO letters – wooden is best for durability, but styrofoam is okay too, just be careful with them. 99¢ each at Michael’s for 4″ wooden letters.

Glue – Already on hand, Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. Any craft glue should work, but if you don’t have any, you can get a small bottle of Aleene’s for 99¢ at Michael’s.

Glitter – Any color. I already had some I got on clearance without a purpose in mind knowing I could use it for something. It had 5 shades of blue for 97¢ at Michael’s. Check the dollar bins, they might have your color of glitter in there.

Foam Brush – 30¢ – I used a 1″ one.

Piece of paper folded in half and unfolded to catch glitter – on hand – free. Use a piece of junk mail if you don’t have any paper.



1. Add glue to letter. It is best to do them one at a time so the glue doesn’t dry. Use foam brush to spread it around. Make sure you get it in all the crevices of the letter. *note* I used more glue on the letter than pictured here. 🙂


2. On top of the piece of paper, sprinkle glitter liberally all over the letter. Make sure to get it on every bit of the letter. Look at it from all angles. Tap letter to remove excess on top of the piece of paper.

3. Set letter aside to dry for a moment. Carefully pick up the paper, and fold it along the crease so that the glitter gathers in the crease. Put glitter container up to corner of paper where the crease starts and carefully pour the glitter back in the container.

4. Repeat for remaining letters. Set aside all 3 letters and let them sit for 5 to 10 minutes while you catch up on Whose Wedding is it Anyway? or Bridezillas.


5. Touch up letters with glue and glitter on any spots you may have missed. Set aside to dry. Once they’re good and dry, put each letter in a ziplock, and then put all 3 ziplocked letters into another ziplock for storage until your wedding. The ziplocks are so that they don’t bump into each other and mess up the glitter, and also so they don’t get glitter on other things while they’re being stored or transported.

6. Be happy with your crafty self and finish up your wedding shows. Oh.. and give the fiancée some kisses. 🙂

Oh! And if you make a base for the letters, I’m sure you could use these for cake toppers too. Another idea would be for Mr. And MRS. letters.






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