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10 05 2009

Hidy Ho, Bloggerinos!

I hope your weekend is going well! Tomorrow is mothers’ day, so be a good little kiddo and give ‘er a call!

Today’s post is a DIY! I wasn’t expecting to do any wedding-ing this weekend due to an aweful bout of allergies; but Hobby Lobby had all their stems on sale 50% off. So as a good little budget bride, with my insane allergy attacky sneezy self… kleenexes in pocket, I grabbed the fiancée and drove off to HL to get my bouquet on!

I am sooo picky about silk flowers. They’ve got to be very realistic. They’ve got to be latex or those “real touch/true touch” ones; and those can be quite pricey. So… the only way they would be worth it over using real flowers price wise is to get them on sale because real ones don’t go on sale. Originally I was going to use fresh flowers, and I may still use fresh for my centerpieces, but since I was laid off in January, this is one of my courses of action to save a couple extra bucks and some sanity before the wedding.

This is what I came up with.

Supplies I Used:

2 Large Lilies

4 Large Hydrangeas

6 Roses

5 Gerbera Daisies

4 Small Calla Lillies

1-1.5 yards of at least 1.5″ Ribbon

Pearl/Bead Headed Pins

Floral Tape (1/2″ wide tape is what I used)

Wire Cutters


Cost – Less than $60… and you’ll have ribbon, pins,and floral tape left over if you bought spools/pins just for this project! *note* You can do this for even less, but I used real touch faux flowers and they are more expensive than traditional silk flowers. I also bought my supplies at Hobby Lobby during a 50% off sale. Compared to $200+ for a real bouquet, this is a great deal!

*Tip* When shopping for your “Faux-quet” put it together as you pick out flowers to get an idea of how many flowers you want. If anything get more than you need, if you have leftovers, you can return them!

Okay! It’s super easy, so let’s go!

1. Get 3 flowers to be the middle/base of your bouquet. Remove the leaves and buds if you don’t want them in the bouquet. Hold the flowers you chose for your base together as you would like them to look. I chose the hydrangeas because they were biggest and would be easiest to add to and build around/off of. Hold the flowers tightly together and take note of how long you would like the handle of your bouquet to be, cut the stems to the length you would like them to be for your handle. While still holding the “base” flowers together grab your floral tape and start wrapping the tape tightly around where you will hold the flowers. Make sure you keep good tension with the floral tape, because that is how it sticks and stays together. Wrap tape about 5-8″ down the stems of the flowers where your “handle” will be. Don’t let any stems show in between the wraps of tape. This is what the stems should look like.

2.) Start adding flowers to your base 3-5 at a time keeping the look and shape of the bouquet you would like in mind. Trim the stems before you add them to the bunch because it’s harder to trim them once they’ve been taped together. Once the stems are trimmed and you’ve got the 3 to 5 flowers positioned around/in the base where you want them, wrap the handle of the flowers together again just as you did for the base. Repeat this step until your bouquet is the shape and fullness that you like.

3. Start wrapping your ribbon tightly around the handle until you’ve wrapped the length of the handle in your ribbon that you would like. It is best to wrap from the top of the handle to the bottom, and back to the top so that it is covered well and it is easier to cover the end of the ribbon when it is hidden by the flowers. When you get back to the top of the handle, cut the ribbon from the spool, tuck the end of the ribbon in to the top of the handle, making sure it is staying tightly wrapped so it doesn’t come loose. Pin the ribbon where you tucked it by pushing the pin through the ribbon and at an upward angle into the middle of the stems so that the pointy end can’t poke you. Add more pins in a line down the handle for more security of the ribbon.

4.) If you want a bow like I have, tie a ribbon into a bow around the top of the handle. To get the V shaped edge like I have on the ends of the ribbon, fold the ribbon in half width wise and cut a 45º angle. The vertex of the V shape should be in the middle of the ribbon where you’ve folded it. When it unfolds, it will be even and pretty. 🙂

4.5) Take pictures of your beautiful bouquet to show your friends, and use curious pets as impromptu props.

5.) Enjoy the pizza that arrives magically when you make this bouquet and give the fiancée kisses. 😀

**EDIT** I had a bridal moment and decided I wanted the bouquet to be a little bigger. I updated all the pictures to pics of the bigger version except for the kitty picture, and the kissy picture, so if you’re wondering why it looks smaller in those two, that’s why. 🙂




5 responses

11 05 2009

where did you get your flowers???

11 05 2009

I got them at Hobby Lobby for 50% off on Saturday. All but the gerbera daisies are the True touch/real touch kind. They have a coating that makes them feel real. They look even better in person!

28 05 2009

Using faux flowers is a good idea! Those look realistic too!

21 06 2009

Wow!! They look good. Before finding your website, I would never had considered using faux flowers but you have definitely changed my mind 😉 I only have a budget of $12,000 (for 60 people) so I need to cut cost across the board because I live in TN and all of the good reception sites are around 3,500 for only two hours (not including food, chair rentals, linens, centerpieces, etc.) Your site is a great help for a bride on a budget!! Keep up the good work.

21 06 2009

Definitely consider them! That way you don’t have any bad surprises with your bouquet, no wilting to worry about, etc. Then you can use real ones for the centerpieces if you want. No one will know. 🙂 Use the real touch ones though because they’re much nicer. Wait until the stems are on sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off because they add up, and just hold them in your hand as you would a bouquet as you’re picking them out so that you have enough to create the size you want and you get an idea for the look that you want. Then for an added touch you can find a nice floral perfume to spritz them with so that they still smell nice. 🙂 I forget mine are fake and find myself smelling them lol.

Also for your centerpieces I suggest this place for vases/bowls:

No one will know they’re plastic when they’re filled with water and it’s cheaper to buy those than renting glass ones.

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