The INVITES – Part 1

30 07 2009

Hey everyone! I hope live and wedding planning (if applicable) is going well for you! Life has been uber busy for me lately, so I apologize for being a little MIA lately but I’m here armed with a new laptop to fill you in on what has been going on in the land of our wedding planning!

Today’s post is about our INVITES!!

Okay sooo if you don’t know, I’m a graphic designer. And what does that equal when added to a graphic designer’s wedding stationary? ULTRA PRESSURE OF DOOM OMG!!! High expectations from others? Maybe. High expectations from myself? OMG YES. I just can’t settle with ANYTHING. Nothing is exactly what I want… it’s like when your options are limitless… when you can make it look like whatever you want and it’s free… my head explodes. I have a kajillion ideas. I just have to make it work within our theme and somehow make myself happy.

So what did I come up with you ask? What is it that cured my crazy tendency to freak out over something that I could have easily bought a print at home $30 kit for and been done with???

HAH! You didn’t think it’d be THAT easy did you?! 😀

Here’s a teaser to hold you over until I get these babies printed up, and assembled.





One response

8 08 2009

Love the teal! Thank you, thank you for visiting my blog. You are super sweet. I hope we get to meet up someday and be friends. The Boy is constantly griping we don’t have enough “couple” friends. I admire your DIY-ness. I wish I could! lol

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