13 08 2009

Okay so better late than never, right? We picked our our photographer back in like… December or January, and I believe we did our engagement shoot in January or February. I’m just now blogging about her, but that’s okay! I’m actually thrilled to write about our A-MAZING photographer, Allison Davis.

I started out my search for our photographer with low expectations… (great start to this story, huh?!) We are on a tight budget and all of those photographers that I drool over on all of the wedding blogs were all WAAAY out of our price range. I knew finding a photographer worth a snuff would be some HARD WORK and the people I was finding in our $1500-$2,300 range (almost 1/4 of our budget!) were, how do I say this… AWFUL. I mean cheesy craigslist photographer galore. It just didn’t get much worse. There didn’t seem to be any middle ground.

I felt like there was no way that within our budget, we would be getting pictures like these that I had been swooning over in all of my wedding ‘net surfing.


I am such a visual person, and Russell and I agreed we didn’t want the overly posed, glamor shots, overly ‘wedding magazine’ish type photos. We wanted fresh, only posed when they need to be, photo-journalistic, sweet, cool but not too trendy photos.


… only our expectations were blown. away.

Not only are her photos incredible.. but her prices actually fit into our budget. We are getting more than I ever dreamed of for our photography and I feel so lucky that we are going to get to have such a talented artist capturing the memories of our big day. I can’t wait!

Here are a couple of our engagement pictures.


Each and every one of the gorgeous photos in this entry are credit to Allison Davis.