Ring Pillow Inspiration!

17 08 2009

One beautiful thing about the interweb is all of the awesome inspiration that you can get for practically anything you can dream up! On the menu for today? Ring pillows!

While this is the norm:

Ring-Pearl-HeartThere are just too many tasty options out there for me to go this route!

Exhibit A:

Check out these gorgeous pillows from oromono.


Exhibit B:

These are from Llubav

1fd30ee835590cExhibit C:

Here are some others from etsy that are just to die for!

I’m pretty sure I’m going to DIY my ring pillow, so I’m so glad that I have all of these great ideas to inspire me!

What cool ring pillows have you seen around the webs? ūüôā


The INSPIRATION TEASERS – Details & Decorations

4 04 2009

Decorations & Details


So there they are. ūüôā Some snapshots inside my brain for my wedding. On this one little board are 17 of the different DIY projects that I plan to take on. (Did I really just say 17 of the projects… as in there are more?? I think I’ve lost it. lol) ¬†


The colors, the textures, the tons of DIY ideas, the everything are just… so romantic, and soft, modern with a twinge of vintage. I love it all. We shall see what of all of this I can¬†achieve. Making inspiration boards is very helpful to clarifying to yourself what you want, especially if your mind goes a mile a minute with tons of ideas like mine does. If anything I have too many ideas for the wedding. haha.


A good resource if you don’t have or know how to use Adobe InDesign like I made these in, is Polyvore. Polyvore is a website that you can take snippets and pictures of things online and gather them into neat collages of inspirational coolness… even if you know nothing about image editing! It is super easy.


We will be at the 6 month mark next Friday. Why does that make me feel a little panicky? lol Maybe it’s not panicky. Maybe it’s excited. ūüôā If it is panicky, then it’s because of my insane amount of DIY to do.¬†


Until next time…


Inspiration Teasers 


1 04 2009

Plano Centre

It is called Plano Centre and is located at Spring Creek and 75.

It is a beautiful brick building with trees surrounding all of the roads leading into it and it also has a rose garden and nice outdoor area to tie the knot if we so choose to do so! 
We will have the ceremony either outside if the weather allows or in one of the smaller meeting rooms within the center. Each room has huge windows from floor to ceiling that look out on the garden area of the venue. 

Windhaven Room

Our reception area is the Windhaven room. It has a really cool super high ceiling with a sunroof. (Is that what you call it? lol) There are windows on the ceiling!! The centre provides dinner, appetizers (fruit and cheese displays), soda, tea, water, etc. They’re going to do our bartending though we’re only doing beer/wine/champagne. They provide a dance floor, they light up the trees, they provide all of the tables, chairs, linens, candle bowls, mirrors, hurricanes, candle sticks for the centerpieces, they have dressing rooms, super easy free parking, etc!! They have a soundsystem too in case I want to do an iPod DJ. (More on that later.)

A downside is that I can’t bring in any food of my own without extra fees, like chocolate covered strawberries. *pout* It’s okay though, I’m glad I found such an affordable place that supplies so much. Plus, no one has to get lost trying to find my reception!! I love it.

Here is a pic of it at night!! *pretty!!* How cool will it be to do our exit in front of this!?
Plano Centre Fountain