10 06 2009

Hi there internet! I hope if you’re in Texas like me you’re all safe and dry, there’s quite the awful storm going right now, and we’ve been hearing tornado sirens!

Today I wanted to give you guys the inside scoop on you guessed it, the tuxes! (Hey, cheater! Who said you could look at the title??) 😀

I actually started thinking about tuxes back in January (read: freakishly early) when we were at a bridal show and checked out the booth for Mens Wearhouse. They gave us a deal where we put a deposit (like $10) and we get $40 off of each tux, plus their normal offer of getting one free. I pocketed my receipt and haven’t thought much of it again until recently. Russell is in another wedding and was going to have to go up to MW to get measured so I thought we’d just make the trip a twofer and pick out what we’d be using for our wedding. I talked to Russell about tuxes and realized that he was pretty open to different styles so I got to researching. While there’s nothing like a classic black tux to make pretty much any man look hansome, we wanted something a liiiittle less formal than an all out tux because we’re more relaxed than all that. While searching online and seeing lots and lots of awesome suits online, I fell in love with gray. Gray suits are vintage and very appealing. Lots of stars are wearing them right now so I think they agree! I pitched the idea to Russell and he was game so when it came time to pick ours out we knew just what we wanted!

Mens Wearhouse was nice and not pushy, they didn’t try to up sell a bunch of stuff we didn’t need or want. We were in and out of there in no time. They really kept it simple and with so much stuff flying through my mind right now for this wedding, simple is good!

Here’s what we came up with:

For Russell


For the Groomsmen (I LOVE the teal!!)


For the Dads and Ushers


So after our tux experience we’re very pleased. We came up with something that was different and classic all at the same time. I love it!



31 03 2009


Laura & Russell

Hi there! My name is Laura and this is going to be my wedding blog, so sit back, relax and join me in my bridely adventures into the mysterious land of MRSdom!

I believe I will start by telling you how Russell and I started.

I had just started my freshman year in college, and I was in an art history class, waiting for it to start and surfing the net on my laptop. Long story short… I was on a dating site. Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting anything, but I got an email saying that someone had viewed my profile, and wanted to know if we could exchange email addresses. I went on the site, checked out his profile, and I was pleasantly suprised. His interests were much different than the typical guys on there, and I was intrigued so I went ahead and gave him my email address.

Apparently he was online at the same time, he sent me an email pretty quickly. We decided that since we were both online, to exchange IM names. We started chatting… and didn’t stop. It was so weird because it was like we had known each other our whole lives, and talking to him was so easy. This was really weird for me because I didn’t really expect anything to become of a dating site. One of us suggested that we talk on the phone after we had been talking for hours and he gave me his number so I could block my number if I wanted to be extra careful. I called, we talked, we laughed well into the night, wrapping up with a decision to meet the next night for a movie. It truly felt like I had known him forever and the connection was instant.

On our first date, he was (and still is!) the perfect gentleman, opening doors, paid for dinner, the movie, was extremely well mannered. He was shy, sweet, sincere, a wonderful conversationalist, dorky in just the right way… I was HOOKED!!

That was four years ago… five by the time we’re married this October. Over the last few years, we have been through a LOT together. We’ve grown closer than close and became best friends. We’re hardcore film critics, we love politics and current events, we’re big into all types of music, we are passionate about art, videogames, japanese culture, and especially… each other! 🙂

He took me ring shopping at the end of June, and proposed November 30th, right after Thanksgiving. The rest is and will be history. 🙂

Did you meet your sweetie online? What made him stand out from the other fishies? More to come soon! -Laura