When I Get My Life Back…

26 08 2009


Have you ever felt like the above picture when wedding planning? 🙂

Have you started any comments with this statement:”When I get my life back after the wedding I will… “

Wedding planning can be very tough and take a toll on your lifestyle to say the least. Like as soon as you get home from a long day at work and all you want to do is plop on the sofa and fall asleep but you can’t because you’re up to your ears in wedding stationary, people are calling you asking about this and that wedding related event, including a call to tell you the directions on your shower invitation are wrong and you start to get super overwhelmed… that’s where I am right now.

My fiancee has been super supportive and understanding that our cute new apartment is messy. My bridesmaids have been offering to help me with things, my FMIL has been offering. I am truly lucky that I have so many people surrounding me with their love and extending their help during such a busy time!

Yes, I miss my hobbies… I miss cooking and cuddling up with the boy on the couch without a worry in the world… I miss a lot of things that I’m missing out on right now because of the wedding, but I wouldn’t give up this time for the world because it’s taught me something very important: I am loved. I don’t think I realized how much so and by how many people until I started planning this shindig, and I’m so glad I realize this now. So there is something positive to be found even on the most stressful of wedding planning days.

What have you learned from your wedding planning? Do you have anything that you’re eager to get back to? What have your family and friends done to make you smile when you’re stressing about the wedding?




One response

6 10 2009

I have totally felt like this!!! LOL =)

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