4 05 2009

Hey there, girlies.

As a plus size bride, I don’t know about you, but I have had trouble finding pretty lingerie for the wedding night/honeymoon in regular stores. Cacique has some cute stuff but not much worthy for our special day, so I set my sights online to find some things for the wedding night.
I found a few different sites, but my favorite items seemed to be Fredericks and S&S. While a lot of the places I found online were chock full of tacky… trashy… gross stuff, what part of wedding lingerie translates to lady of the night for some of these people? And when they’re not totally gross, they look like grandma bras! Isn’t there a common ground between classy, plus sized and flirty? Relieved when I found a few pretty things on S&S, I ordered a bra/undies set and the customer service was great, the packaging was plain so it wasn’t obvious that it was underwear I was receiving… and it wasn’t even slightly old ladyish haha! When I got my them, it was even better than the picture and of suprisingly great quality. So I want to recommend them to any other curvy ladies on the lookout for a bra/underthings that wont get mixed up with something your grandma would wear. 🙂

While they do have a couple of raunchy items that I wouldn’t go for, they do have some cute things that I would. I was looking for something flirty-sexy and found some really nice goodies that were just what I was looking for.

Here are a some of my favorites:

ss1This one is very cute, I like it a lot, but I wonder if the fabric will be clingy and look weird on me since I have a less than flat tummy.

underthingsThis one is pretty and saucy! I like it. It isn’t old lady like, that’s for sure!

I am pretty sure one of these is where I’ll get my wedding night pretties, but I don’t know which one I’ll pick. Votes? 🙂