Bad Bride

8 11 2009


Hey! Remember me? I’m that jerk blogger that got overwhelmed and then swept up into the last month and a half of wedding preparations. Hate me if you must… but I have returned with a cleared head and I’m ready to serve up some hot dishes of Laura’s wedding goodness just for you guys… my favorite peoples ever!! Plus, as an added bonus, I’ve already got my pro pics because my photographer is a super hero, so my recaps will be graced with lots of lovely professional photo action for your viewing pleasure!

I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me! Life happens and unfortunately mine started to happen when lots of stuffs were going down wedding wise so I’ve got lots to recap for you lovlies!!

Be back later today!


PS: Image credit to the stellar allison davis photography!


Picking a wedding day in Texas… or anywhere for that matter. :)

8 08 2009


Around the web I see different ladies asking for tips on how to pick your wedding day, so I thought I would post some thoughts to help a sista or two out!


Get or print out a calendar that you can write on. This will make it easier to knock out days on the calendar that aren’t good for  you.


Decide what day of the week you would like your wedding on, Saturday is the most common day to have a wedding, because it is super convenient for your guests, wedding party, and it’s just a good day in general to have a wedding! But, you can save some major bucks by having your wedding on a day other than Saturday. A Friday night or Sunday afternoon wedding can be just as nice as a Saturday wedding! You might check with your venue if you’re interested in that! Also, especially if you’re having a intimate affair, week nights may not be out either, saving you even more money. These are some good things to keep in mind.


Outdoor_Wedding_Chairs_2816pxOnce you’ve narrowed down a day of the week to get married on, you can start narrowing down even more to picking your special day. Things to consider here… the month or season you would like to get married in… have you pictured an outdoor wedding? If so maybe a month where it’s cold or overly warm, isn’t a good idea to get married in! The fall and spring are the best for outdoor events unless you live in a cooler area. In Texas, it can easily be 106 degrees outside in April – September, so you need to consider how the weather is in your town if you want your wedding to be outdoors.

You should consider birthdays of your immediate family members, getting married on Mom’s birthday might complicate things. But, on the other hand if you are trying to plan around aunt, uncles and cousin’s birthdays things might get complicated as well, especially with big families, so I would keep the off limit birthdays to parents and siblings only.

blockforbrideHave a group who loves sports? You might cross off major sporting event dates on your calendar! My group loves football, so since I actually *want* guests at my wedding, I crossed off the weekend of the major rivalry college football game in the month that we want to get married in. You don’t want people sneaking peeks at the score on their phones during your ceremony, so you might want to think about that!

4th_julyWhy not choose a special day to you and your groom? There are other nice days to get married besides your anniversary! Maybe the day you guys got engaged, first kissed, your first date, the day you realized he/she was the one… all of these are great days! I like the idea of 3 day weekend wedding or even one on a holiday itself, but remember that this may reduce the number of people who can attend your wedding due to people planning vacations for these days far in advance. (Maybe this would be good if you’re trying to cut your guest list down!) A 4th of July wedding could be lots of fun! What about valentines day? Some couples even marry on halloween! Other nice days could include a parent/grandparent’s anniversary, or even half way between your birthdays! There is no right answer, only the right day for you two!

Once all of these factors are considered, you should be able to narrow it down to your favorite 2 or 3, and then I would see if the day you have chosen is available with your venue. This is really important, because it’s super hard to already have a date picked and trying to pick your venue based on your date. It’s good to already have a venue in mind and pitch your date to them. Just be flexible, no matter what happens, or what day you choose, this day will be special to you for the rest of your lives. ❤

The INSPIRATION TEASERS – Details & Decorations

4 04 2009

Decorations & Details


So there they are. 🙂 Some snapshots inside my brain for my wedding. On this one little board are 17 of the different DIY projects that I plan to take on. (Did I really just say 17 of the projects… as in there are more?? I think I’ve lost it. lol)  


The colors, the textures, the tons of DIY ideas, the everything are just… so romantic, and soft, modern with a twinge of vintage. I love it all. We shall see what of all of this I can achieve. Making inspiration boards is very helpful to clarifying to yourself what you want, especially if your mind goes a mile a minute with tons of ideas like mine does. If anything I have too many ideas for the wedding. haha.


A good resource if you don’t have or know how to use Adobe InDesign like I made these in, is Polyvore. Polyvore is a website that you can take snippets and pictures of things online and gather them into neat collages of inspirational coolness… even if you know nothing about image editing! It is super easy.


We will be at the 6 month mark next Friday. Why does that make me feel a little panicky? lol Maybe it’s not panicky. Maybe it’s excited. 🙂 If it is panicky, then it’s because of my insane amount of DIY to do. 


Until next time…


Inspiration Teasers 


3 04 2009

Hi-dee ho, bloggerinos. 🙂

Today is flower day at Artsy Bride. Behold!


I am in a mini pickle with the flowers… a sweet gherkin if you will. 😛
I cannot decide between bold bright colors like the first bouquet on the board (top left corner) or more subdued, garden textured, pale colors. My favorite image of all of these is definitely the first one, the gorgeous colored bouquet with the teal ribbon around the stems that so conveniently matches my colors… it is just gorgeous. But if I am going to DIY my flowers I have to be able to find these and affordable sources of flowers are limited, and then the selections of said affordable sources are even more limited. Another option would be to stick with a single type of flower or color which I could do with my affordable options. Then there is the option of a candlelight reception as well. Ahhh decisions, decisions. More to come on this later!

signing out until the next post…

The Artsy Bride 🙂


The INSPIRATION TEASERS- Hair, Accessories & Make-Up

2 04 2009

Why hello there! Fancy meeting you here! … or … yeah… nevermind. 🙂 So I put together some inspiration boards… or one big one. 😀 I am breaking it into 3 parts for your blogging pleasure!

Today is my hair, accessories & make-up inspiration. 

Hair & Makeup

I love love love these photos.
For the hair inspiration, I tried to find hair that is the same length as mine. My main inspiration pic is the top left one. She has the same color/length of my hair and she is also wearing the same kind of veil I will be wearing. I found this picture while looking for a veil actually. While this GORGEOUS haute couture veil is way out of my price range, I would love to point you guys towards Castle Bride where I found it. By the way, that veil is also named Laura. Which for those of you who don’t know is my name. Let’s just say it’s fate that I would find that amazing little piece of bridal goodness! I will blog more on the veil soon so that you know what I did to get this veil though!
I love the teal peacock feathers in the middle of the board which are by portobello.   They are insanely out of my price range as well though but again, I will blog on that later! Wow, I didn’t realize how many teasers this would present. The beautiful shoe on there is my bridal shoe, and it has a lovely stunt double for the other foot, of course. The fans are to die for! I love the black dresses for the bridesmaids with the fans and teal shoes. *swoon* I plan on having some gorgeous bridesmaids, by the way! I love the clean, sexy make-up on these ladies… more glowy and less overdone. I like to play up my eyes, and I think there are some really great pics on here that I could go by! 
I found all of these lovely pictures online with the exception of a couple that I took myself, so I want to make it clear that I’m not trying to claim anyone’s photo skills or anything, these are just for idea purposes! 
What fashion inspires you for your wedding day look?
Next up: The FLOWERS


1 04 2009

Plano Centre

It is called Plano Centre and is located at Spring Creek and 75.

It is a beautiful brick building with trees surrounding all of the roads leading into it and it also has a rose garden and nice outdoor area to tie the knot if we so choose to do so! 
We will have the ceremony either outside if the weather allows or in one of the smaller meeting rooms within the center. Each room has huge windows from floor to ceiling that look out on the garden area of the venue. 

Windhaven Room

Our reception area is the Windhaven room. It has a really cool super high ceiling with a sunroof. (Is that what you call it? lol) There are windows on the ceiling!! The centre provides dinner, appetizers (fruit and cheese displays), soda, tea, water, etc. They’re going to do our bartending though we’re only doing beer/wine/champagne. They provide a dance floor, they light up the trees, they provide all of the tables, chairs, linens, candle bowls, mirrors, hurricanes, candle sticks for the centerpieces, they have dressing rooms, super easy free parking, etc!! They have a soundsystem too in case I want to do an iPod DJ. (More on that later.)

A downside is that I can’t bring in any food of my own without extra fees, like chocolate covered strawberries. *pout* It’s okay though, I’m glad I found such an affordable place that supplies so much. Plus, no one has to get lost trying to find my reception!! I love it.

Here is a pic of it at night!! *pretty!!* How cool will it be to do our exit in front of this!?
Plano Centre Fountain